Golf course etiquette

Consideration of others
You should not talk, stand close or otherwise distract fellow players while they are taking their shots.
Don't play until the group in front of you is out of range.
If you lose a ball and it is obvious that it will not be found easily, signal the group behind to play through.
When completing a hole, move off the green immediately. Leave the marking of scorecards, etc. until you are well clear.
Please avoid the use of mobile telephones on the course, consider others and switch ring tones off.
No sharing of clubs, bags or trolleys because this slows play.

Care of the course
Before leaving a bunker, make sure that you smooth over all holes and footprints with the rake.
Always replace divots on the fairways and repair pitch marks on putting surfaces.

Buggie on the course

Buggies are allowed on the course and can be hired, please keep to the designated route that is shown on the windscreen of the buggy.

Priority on the course
Two-ball matches take precedence over three and four-ball matches and should be invited to play through.


Shout "Fore" if your golf ball is in danger of hitting someone.
Make sure that no one is in a position to be struck by your club, ball or any other object like stones or twigs when making a stroke.
Do not stand in front or to the side of anyone taking a tee shot or other stroke. Stay well behind.

Dress Requirement
A high standard of dress on the course, in and around the clubhouse, is expected at all times.

On the 18 Hole Course
Tailor-made shorts must be two inches above the knees with knee-length or sports socks, preferably white. Sports shirts must have collars. Trousers/slacks must not be tucked into socks.

Smart casual clothing (including smart denim jeans,) tailor-made shorts with socks, as above, are permitted in the clubhouse at any time. (see below.) Ripped jeans or track or shell suits are not permitted. The wearing of any type of golf shoe is not permitted in the bar or dining room areas.

The following clothing is not Permitted At Any Time on the 18 Hole Course.
Jeans or any type of denims.
Track or shell suits.
Track shoes or plimsolls.
T-shirts with no collar or sleeves.
It is the responsibility of all club members to ensure that signed-in guests and golfing players in his/her company are properly attired.

The Club reserves the right to refuse access to the Clubhouse or course to anyone dressed inappropriately.


Club Open Competitions

Check out the club calendar for the next club open.

Anyone can take part in these competitions both members and non members alike. All that is required is your registration to the competition and the appropriate fee paid, you can register over the phone. A handicap certificate is also recommended if you wish to take part